Deposition of Edward White and Bryant Cummings, February 18, 1870

State of North Carolina | SS
County of Craven

On this 18th day of February, 1870, personally appeared, before me a clerk of Pamlico U S Dist Court & state aforesaid. Edward White & Bryant Cummings, residents of Craven & Onslow Counties, & state aforesaid, who, being duly sworn depose & say, that they have been intimately acquainted for twenty five years with Lewis O. Dove, deceased, late Private Co “C” 14th U.S.C.H Artillery, to which Regiment we also belonged. That we were born & reared in the immediate neighborhood with said deceased, & enlisted in said Regiment about the same time with said deceased. That said deceased died at Morehead City, in Regimental Hospital, Apl 17th, 1865. That said deceased complained of a pain in his breast. His skin & the white of his eyes were very yellow. He was sick some three weeks with this difficulty, which the Hospital Steward said was the jaundice; that the Doctor had so pronounced it. From his appearance & symptoms, we were lead to believe that such was the case, & such was believed to be the name of the disease by said deceased (who was a mulatto). We were with him daily during this illness, which was his first appearance in the Hospital, & first fit of sickness, & only sickness while a soldier. That said deceased was a man of good habits, strictly temperate, was a sound & able bodied man when he enlisted. That this illness of which he died, was the only fit of sickness (unless it be a slight indisposition) said deceased ever had. He was remarkable for the general good health he enjoyed. There is no officer of the company nor surgeon of the Regiment aforesaid who resides in this state, from whom claimant can produce proof as to cause of death of said deceased, except Lieutenant R. J. Brown of Co “B,” of the Regiment aforesaid, by whom said deceased was enlisted & whose certificate is hereto annexed, which is the best evidence that claimant can produce as to death of said deceased. And further that we have no interest in this claim.

S M Carpenter
N P Angell

Edward White
<his X mark>

Bryant Cummings
<his X mark>

Sworn & subscribed to before me the day & year first above written, & I certify that the above affidavit was carefully read to affiants before making their marks to the same. Also that they have produced satisfactory evidence showing that they are respectable & worthy of belief And further that I have no interest in this claim.

Chas Hibbard Clerk
Pamlico U. S. Dist Court