Affidavit of Elizabeth W. Blount, January 23, 1894

In the matter of the Pension Claim of Rosetta Crandall, widow of Ephraim Crandall late a private in Co B 35th Reg't U S Col Troops.

Personally appeared Mrs Elizabeth W Blount, who being by me duly sworn, deposes and says—

I am 59 years of age. My Post office address is Washington N.Ca. I am the daughter of David Bradley Perry, and his wife Mary Perry who was the owner of a slave named Rosetta. She was my nurse and a favorite slave she was married with the consent of my parents and that of Ephraim's master Mr Christopher (or as he was commonly called Mr Kit Crandall) by a highly respected colored man Abram Allen (always free who lived in this town. The couple lived happily as man and wife.

I was raised near Washington at "Rosedale" the plantation of my parents, where my sister, Mrs R W Wharton now resides.

During the war and at its close Rosetta remained on the plantation where she has continuously lived since she has not re-married, and I believe her to be a worthy and respectable colored woman. In her early married life she became subject to Epileptic "fits". and on one occasion fell in the fire in one of these attacks and was badly burned, causing total blindness in one eye & one arm was so badly injured that for a long long time she was unable to do any work, having lost some of the bone & indeed now she cannot do regular or hard work in consequence and hence is unable to support herself & is mainly dependent upon my Brother-in law Col R W Wharton. I have been informed that her husband (Ephraim) enlisted as a soldier in the U S Army. & died in the service of small pox in the town of New Berne No. Carolina. I do not remember the precise date of their marriage but could approximate it by reference to my father's register of the birth of his slaves, which book is I believe still in the possession of my sister (Mrs. Wharton. Rosetta is now old & growing more inform & dependent all the time My residence is Main Street Washington No Carolina. This affidavit is dictated by me and in my own handwriting Mrs E W Blount.

Sworn & subscribed to before me this 23rd day of January 1894 and I certify the affiant is well known to me to be a lady of high respectability & worthy of credit

E. S. Simmons
U. S. Comm'r.