Affidavit of Charles Hollon, June 16, 1894

State of North Carolina
County of Beaufort

In the matter of original pension claim No 588805 of Rosetta Crandall widow of Ephaim Crandall Decd late of Co B 35 Regt U.S.C Troops on this 16 day of June A.D. 1894

Personally appeared before me a U.S. Commissioner for the Eastern District of N.C. Rev. Charles Hollon age 65 yeares a Methodist minister Resedent of near Washington N.C. well known to be reputable & entitle to credit who being duly sworn according to Law Declares as follows

I was Raised near Washington N.C. on Wm Gorden Farms within 3/4 mile of the Rosetta Farm & I becom acquainted with Epriam Crandall when I was a Boy. he belong to Kit. Crandall, whos plantation was near my owners plantation. I & Epriam Crandall was play boys together. Also I knew Rosetta the claimant. I knew her before she married Ephiam the soldire she. belong to Mr. Brad. Perry whos plantation was within 3/4 of a mile of my owners plantation and on or about the yeare of 1844 about 15 yeares before the late war. the claimant married Ephiam Crandall the soldire by consent of her & his owners. under slavey customs. by Rev Abram Allen Decd a Col Minister of Zion connection on. Brad Perrys plantation. I know by Reason of I was present & heard the matrimony Read them & they live together as man & wife & was so Recognized as man & wife by there owners & all who knew them. Neither of them had not been married prior, & by said marriage & cohabitation Four children was born to wit Cicero whoo was born on or about Aug. 1845 & Bettie was born in Sept. 1847 & Simon was born Aug. 1852 & King was born Sept. 1855. I know this by Reason of we all live near neighbors & my wife was present when thes children was born & just before the war. Epriam Crandalls owner hired Ephriam Crandall out to work, And also before the war Kit. Crandall sold Ephriam. to a man name Edmond Moore who lived in Martin Co. N.C. near Jamesville N.C. & Rosetta Crandall remained with her owner Brad Perry. at the Rosetta Farm. where she now lives & the plantation is now known as Col R. W. Whorten plantation, & I know Ephriam Crandall keeped up his Relation with his wife Rosetta the claimant. I know it by Reason of Ephriam would com from Jamesville N.C. about Evry two weeks to Rosetta Crandall, his late owner who bought him Edmond Moore would let Ephriam have a horse to Ride to see his wife the claimant I have often seen the horse & Ephriam would com to see her Evry other Saturday & stay with claimant & his children Saturday night & Sunday & Sunday night & would go back on Mondays morning to Edmond Moores plantation & When the brok out Ephriam was then on a Visit to see his wife claimant Rosetta Crandall. I was there & saw him & he was with his wife when he went in the U.S. Army. I know it by Reason of he went from Rosettas house to go to Newbern N.C. where he enlisted at. I know it by reason of I went to Newbern N.C. in the fall of 1863 & he Ephriam went to Newbern N.C. with other man in the spring of 1863. When I got to Newbern N.C. I heard that Epriam Crandall Died at James City in the hospital, his oldest child was there at the time. Also Rosetta the claimant his wife com to Newbern N.C. to see her hausband before Regiment went to a place called Folleys Island S.C. her son the oldest child told her his farther had been Dead 2 weeks I was present when he told her so. Ephriam Crandall was with Rosetta his wife when he went in the war & this claimant has not Remarried since Death of soldire & she is in a destitute condition. this affidavit was written by W. H. Pender of Washington N.C. in my presence only from an oral statement made to him on this 16 day of June 1894 & in making the above I was not aided or promped by any written or printed statement or recital prepared or Dictated by any other person & not attached as an exhibit to this testimony. Ephriam Crandall son give me his Farther testament, where he had while in the war. & I have it in my posseon now I am no Relation & I have no Intrest in the claim my PO address is Washington N.C.

C. E. Harding
E. J. Proctor

Rev. Charles Hollon
<his X mark>

Sworn and subscribed to before me this 16th day of June 1894 and I certify that the forgoing was read over to him before he executed the same.

E. S. Simmons
U S Com'r