Affidavit of Rosetta Crandall, June 18, 1894

Calimant statement

State of North Carolina
County of Beaufort

In the matter of pension claim #588,805 of Rosetta Crandall widow of Ephriam Crandall decd late of Co. B 35 Regt U.S.C.T. on this 18th day of June A.D. 1894

Personally appeared before me a U.S. Commissioner for the Eastern District of North Carolina

Rosetta Crandall age 69 yeares a Resident of near, Washington N.C. well known to be Reputal & entitle to credit who being Duly sworn according to law Declares as follows.

In relation to the Rejection of my pension claim No 588805 on the grounds of he was not living with me when he enlisted in the military service as section 4705 Requres. I ask you your honor Commissioner of Pensions to please Reconsiter the claim, & Re open it. I hold that it is an errow. I was living with my hausband Ephriam Crandall when he enlisted in the U.S. Army and if you will notise testimony carefully you will see that he was with me when he enlisted. in the U.S. Army not withstanding my hausband Ephriam Crandall was sold to Edmond Moore of Jamesville Martin Co. N.C. you see from evidense on file we bothe was slaves, & Did not Desert each other or abandoned each other. My hausband was sold to Edmond Moore he Did not go there on his own free act & Deed. And Ephiram Crandall Keeped up his Marriage Relation with me by visiting me Evry 2 & 3 weeks & would bring me something for the children & as long as he stayed with Moore of Jamesville N.C. he was allowed to com to see me & his children. he come & Visit me, & when the War broke out & the people here was all arouse, & some going up in Dixie my hausband was on a Visit to see me then, & he went from me to Washington N.C. & on to Newbern N.C. & enlisted in the U.S. Army at Newbern N.C. And my son Cicero Crandall went on with the Yankees to Newbern N.C. & was there when his father Ephriam Crandall Died. Also I went to Newbern N.C. During During the war & when I got there Ephriam was Dead, he Died with small pox in hospital he always Recognize me as his wife and was with me when he enlisted in the U.S. Army, & I have not Remarred since his Death. And I have not had any children since his Death, I had four children by the soldere, & they are still living I have furnish testimony of my owners family Also Affidavits of credible people who knew me & my hausband. Also they knew my hausband went from me & enlisted in the war. I ask that my claim be Reopen & allowed evidence is on file W. H. Pender of Washington N.C. is my agent. I am old & Depending on hands of charity therefore I ask for immediate action. this affidavit was wittren by W. H. Pender my agent in my present only from an oral statement made to him on this 18 day of June 1894 & in making the above I was not aided or promped by any written or printed statement or recital prepared or Dictated by any orther person and not attach as an exhibit to this testimony.

C. E. Harding.
J P Moorman

Rosetta Crandall
<her X mark>

Sworn and subscribed to before me this 18th June 1894 and I futher certify that the foregoing affidavit was read over to her before she executed the sam. She is personally know to me to be reputable and worthy of Credit. & belief

E. S. Simmons
U S Comm'r