Affidavit of Henry Bowen, December 16, 1893

State of North Carolina
County of Beaufort

In the matter of original widows pension claim of Rosetta Crandall widow of Ephriam Crandall Decd late of Co B. 35 Regt U.S.CT

on this 16th day of December 1893 Personally appeared before me a E. S. Simmons U.S. Commissioner for the Eastern Dist. of North Carolina Henry Bowen Age 66 yeares A Resident in Washington Beaufort Co N.C. Well known to be reputable and entitle to credit who being Duly sworn according to law declares as follows

I was Born in greenville Pitt Co. N.C. & when a small Boy I was brought to Washington Beaufort Co. & here I was Raised up I belong to Mr. Thos. Bowen of Washington N.C. and on or about June 1863 I enlisted as a Private soldire in Co H 35 Regt U.S.C.T. and I was promoted Corporal in Co H 35 Regt U.S.CT & I was honable Discharge at Charleston S.C. June 1, 1866

And I becom acquainted with Epriam Crandall long before the war at near Washington N.C. we was boys together he belong to Kit Crandall of Beaufort Co And we played together & worked together before the war Also I know that Epriam Crandall married a woman by nam of Rosetta Perry at Brad. Perrys Plantation of which Rosetta Perry belongd Brad Perry before the Late War. they married by the concent of theire owners on or about 1844 and Ephriam Crandall & his wife Rosetta Live & cohabited together as man & wife & was Recognized by their owners & by all who know them as man & wife & by said marriage & cohabitation children was Born of Ephriam Crandall by Rosetta his wife. Ephriam Crandall was not married prior and in June 1863 he enlisted in Co B 35 Regt U.S.CT and he was taken sick at Newbern N.C. & the Regiment went on to follys Island S.C. & Ephriam Crandall was left behind in the hospital and I learn he died in hospital at Newberne N.C. he did not com with the Detachment to Regiment. lots of the Boys was taken sick at Newbern N.C. & was left behind & som of them Died at Newbern N.C. & Epriam Crandall Died while at Newbern N.C. he was a member of Co B 35 Regt U.S.C.T. but I know small pox was the cause of his death I am well & personally acquainted with his wife the claimant & know that she has not live with any man or Remarried since the Death of said soldire she is a credible woman & workes very hard for her support when able to work I am no relation to her & I have no intrest in the claim

And I further certify that the above statement was written by W. H. Pender in my present only from an oral statement made to him on this 16 day of December 1893 & in making the above I was not aided or Dictated by any written or printed statement and not attached as an exhibit to this testimony

My PO Address is Washington Beaufort Co N.C.

Henry Bowen
<his X mark>

C. E. Harding
J. A. Auturp

Sworn and subscribed to before me this 16th Dec 1893.

E. S. Simmons
U. S. Comm'r