Affidavit of Rosetta Crandall, January 13, 1894

Widows Pension Claim

State of North Carolina
County of Beaufort

In the matter of pension claim of Rosetta Crandall widow of Ephraim Crandall decd late a Private of Co B 35 Regt U.S.C.T. on this 13 day of January A. D. 1894 Personally appeared before me a U.S. Commissioner for the Eastern Districk of North Carolina Rosetta Crandall age 69 years Resident of near Washington in the County of Beaufort. State of N.C. Well known to be reputable and entitle to credit who being duly sworn according to law declares as follows I was born & raised in Beaufort Co. N.C. on Mr. David Brad Perrys plantation. I blong to Mr. David Brad Perry before the late war I was his house servant and on or about the year of 1844 I was married to Ephriam Crandall by Rev Abram Allen decd a colored preacher, I was married by the consent of my owners and I and Ephriam Crandall lived & cohabited together as man & wife & was so consitered as man & wife by our owners & all who knew us. & by said marriage & cohabitation the following name children was born to wit, Cicero Crandall born Aug. 23, 1845 about one year after we was married & Bettie Crandall was born. Sept. 14th 1847 about 2 years after birth of my first child & Simon Crandall was born August 19, 1852 about nine years before the late war and King Crandall was born Sept. 25th 1855 about three years after the birth of my son Simon, I know this statement as to ages is correct by reason of our owners had said children ages recorded in their family record of which they have in thire possession, my hausband Ephriam Crandall, belong to Mr. Christipher Crandall and Mr. Christipher Crandall sold Ephriam Crandall to the speculaters on or about 1858 som where about. And Mr. Edmond Moore of Jamesville, N.C. bought Ephriam Crandall and carried him to Jamesville N.C. we was all slaves & my housband would come to see me while he was at Jamesville N.C. he would come about evry two weeks but while he was at Jamesville N.C. Mr. Edmond Moore plantation, he taken up with one Darley Powers of Jamesville N.C. but he continued his relationship with me & he visit me & cared for me & his children & always brought something when he com to the children & we cohabited as man & wife also in the time of the war on or about spring of 1863 he com to see me and told me to do the best I could & take care of his children that he was going to Newbern N.C. & enlist as a soldire in the union lines & he & good many of our boys went of to enlist as soldires and Epriam Crandall died while in the U.S. Army. I learn he died from the effects of small pox while int he U.S. Army of which he contracted while in the U.S. servis & he died at follys Island S.C. & I have lived his widow evry since his death & I have not abandoned the support of his aforesaid children I have worked & raised them I have not remarried. I & Ephriam Crandall had not been married prior we was very young when we married we married as aforesaid under the manner of slave custom. I am his first wife and the above children is his legitimat children they was born before he was sold when he was sold to Mr. Edmon Moore. King Crandall was his Baby & he would always com home & bring the Baby something evry two weeks. I apply for widows pension and ask that I be granted pension according to act of Congross (see Section 4705). I ask that W. H. Pender of Washington N.C. be recognized as my attorney. I am very feeble not able to help my self as I have many years ago. I loss sight of my eye, and I suffer with Rheumatism & severe pains & loss use of one of my arms A peise of bone cam out of arm and I am total unable to use it. blind in one eye in my left eye and my face is disfigured by reason of a burn. I have worked very hard in my life time trying to rais my children. I am a subject of charity. Very poor I owns no property except some few old wareing [illegible] will not value over five dollars. I live on Col R. W. Whartons plantation he give me an old hause to stay in. I at time is hepless as a child. I ask that this claim be allowed at the earlest date practicable. And I further certify that the above statement was written by W. H. Pender at his office in my presence only from an oral statement made to him on this 13 day of January 1894 & in making the above I did not use & was not aided or promped by any written or printed statement or recital, prepared or dictated by any other person & not attached as an exhibit to this testimony. My PO address is Washington Beaufort Co N.C. I ask his honor Commission of Pension to please accept of enclose testimony & consiter it & allow this claim. I ask for the [illegible] of the old general law

Rosetta Crandall
<her X mark>

C E Harding
E J Proctor

Sworn & subscribed to before me this 13th day of Jan'y 1894,

E. S. Simmons
U S Comr