Affidavit of Katy Wilson and Charity Powers, July 8, 1869

State of North Carolina | SS
County of Martin

On this 8th day of July 1869 personally appeared Katy Wilson & Charity Powers residents of the county & state aforesaid, who being duly sworn deposes & says, that they have been intimately acquainted with Dolley Crandell, widow of Ephraim Crandell, who was a Private in Company "B" 35" Regt U S C T for 25 years; that we belonged to the same master & lived on the same plantation with claimant & children; that we were present & saw claimant, the said Dolley & deceased married; that claimants maiden name was Dolley Powers & that she was married to the said Ephraim Crandell at Jamesville Martin County, North Carolina, by Master on or about October 30th, 1853, that deceased always treated & acknowledged claimant as his lawfull wife; & that they lived & cohabited together as such, & were so received in society, & were so regarded by their acquaintances; that we never heard the fact of their marriage disputed; that they often heard deceased in his lifetime speak of claimant as his wife; that claimant has by said marriage three children whose names & ages are as follows:

Mozella Crandell was born August 15" 1855.
Lewis Crandell was born October 23d, 1856.
Isabella Crandell was born October 9th, 1860.

& further that we are not interested in this claim nor have we any interest whatsoever in the same

Andrew Powers
William T. West.
J. J. Smith J P

Katy Wilson
<her X mark>

Charity Powers
<her X mark>

Sworn & subscribed to before me the day & year first above written & I certify that the foregoing affidavit was carefully read to & the subject matter therein contained fully understood to affiants (who are credible & worthy) before making their mark to the same & further that I have no interest in this claim.

J. J. Smith J P

State of North Carolina
Martin County

I Joseph M. Silerson Clerk of the superior court for said county, do hereby certify that Jesse J. Smith is an acting Justice of the Peace within and for said county In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand, and affixed the seal of said court at office in Williamston 10" July 1869

Jas. M. Silerson Clk
Sup. court for Martin County