War Record Request for Ephraim Crandall, March 5, 1869

(No. 16.)

Department of the Interior,
March 5", 1869.



You are respectfully requested to furnish official evidence of the enrollment, muster, service, duty, and cause of death of Ephraim Crandell, who was a Private in Co. "B"35" Regiment of U.S.C. Inftry Vols., reported died Jan'y 11", 1864at Newbern N.C.

If the above name is not found on the Rolls of said Company, will you so state, and report as to enrollment, &c., in the case of any man bearing a similar name whom you have good reason for believing to be the soldier inquired for. When the Rolls show him to have been a Prisoner of War, let that fact be reported.

Please attach this Circular to your report, and return the same to this Office.

No. 171,144

Respectfully, yours,

Chris'. C. Cox

The Adjutant General, U. S. A.,
Washington, D. C.