Affidavits of Martha Hodges, Stephen Lumpkins, and Sandy Addison, March 2, 1868

State of Tennessee
County of Shelby

On this 2" day of March A D 1868 before me a U S Commissioner Dist of West Tenn personally appeared, Martha Hodges who being duly sworn deposes and says that she is the widow of Harrison Hodges who was a Private in Co A 11 USCI and who died in the service of the U.S. at Memphis Tenn in Fort Pickering Hospital on or about the 1" day of March 1864.

She further states that she gives the date of her said husbands death from [illegible] but of her recollection and is not position as to the exact date of his death. That she cannot produce the evidence of an officer or Surgeon to the death of her aforesaid husband or that his disease was contracted in the service as such officers where-abouts is unknown to her That the but evidence she can produce of his death & that his disability was contracted in the service is the evidence of witnesses hereto annexed who were members of his Regt.

Martha Hodges
<her X mark>

Attest T L Greer
S P Greer

Also personally appeared on the same day above mentioned Stephen Lumpkins, aged 23 yrs, and Sandy Addison, aged 22 yrs residents of Memphis Tenn, who being duly sworn depose and say, that they were members of the 11" Regt of U S Col Inft. (Stephen Lumpkins of Co C and Sandy Addison of Co A,) and were personally acquainted with Harrison Hodges who was a member of Co A said Regt and who died at Memphis Tenn on or about the 1" day of March 1864, as nearer they can remember the date. That it was a short time before the battle of For Pillow. They further state that they cannot tell the exact cause of said soldiers death, but know he took a violent cold and spit a great deal of blood. That they knew said Harrison Hodges when he enlisted in said Co and knew that he was a sound healthy man to all appearances and continued well and performed the duties of a soldier until about 20 or 30 days before he died. That they have no interest in the claim of his widow & reside as above stated.

Stephen Lumpkins
<his X mark>

Sandy Addison
<his X mark>

Attest T L Greer
S P Greer

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 2" day of March 1868, and I certify that I have no interest in this claim and that the foregoing affidavits were read over & fully explained to affiants before signing.

Reuben Danley,
U S Commissioner