Affidavit of Martha Hodges, November 5, 1867

State of Tennessee
County of Shelby

On this 5" day of November 1867, before me C & M of the Chancery Court of Memphis Tenn. personally appeared Martha Hodges who being duly sworn deposes and says that she is the widow of Harrison Hodges late Priv Co A 11" USC Infty. and an applicant for Pension.

That she is informed that a discrepancy exists in the evidence forwarded in her Pension claim in refference to an child, and now declares that when she first made her application for Pension she had one child and so stated to the person who made out her papers, and that when her second application was made she stated that said child had died. And that if her application now forwarded disagrees from the above statement it must be a clerical error by the person who made out her papers, for that is the true statement of the case and the one she has always made when asked by her attorneys in regard to it. That she has been questioned so much about her claim and the birth and death of her child &c. that she thinks it probable that an error may have occured in her evidence as she has no education having always been a slave, and has always made her statements to the best of her ability and recollection.

Attest T L Dean
John D. Baird

Martha Hodges
<her X mark>

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 5" day of Nov 1867. And I certify that I have no interest in this claim and that the forgoing affidavit was read over and fully explained to deponent before signing. And I believe her to be a credible person.

A. Alston
C & M of the Chancery Court
of Memphis