Brief for Restoration of Martha Hodges, December 9, 1893


Wid. Ctf. 110,132.

Brief for Restoration of WIDOW'S PENSION.

Claimant Martha Hodges
P. O. #131 St. Martins St Memphis
County Shelby, State Tenn.

Soldier Harrison Hodges
Rank Private, Co. A
Regiment 11 U.S.C. Vol. Inf.

Rate, REJECTED [stamped on form]

date of Rej Dec. 9"/ 93


[section left blank]


Submitted for sp'c'l ex.Feb 13, 1893W. T. Morrison, Examiner.
Resubmitted for Rej, Nov. 10, 1893, V. M. Johnson, Spl Examiner

Approved for Rejection on the ground that claimant has been guilty of open and notorious adultery since the passage of the Act Aug. 7, 1882 as evidenced by the birth of a child.

Broadus, Reviewer.
Nov 20, 1893


Enlisted May 26, 1863.
Mustered June 20, 1863.
Discharged [left blank]
Died in service Feb. 10, 1864.
Declaration filed July - , 1865 and Jan 12, 1866.
Invalid application filed None, 18  .
Invalid last paid to [left blank], 18  .
Former marriage of soldier neither, 18  .
Death of former wife [left blank], 18  .
Claimant's marriage to soldier Feb., 1861.

No M.C. Cl'm't signs by X.