Affidavit of Millie Perry, January 13, 1892

State of North Carolina
County of Beaufort

In the matter of pension claim of Rosetta Crandall the widow of Ephraim Crandall decd late of Co B 35 Regt U.S.C Troops

On this 13th day of January A.D. 1894 Personally appeared before me a U.S. Commissioner for the Eastern Districk of N.C. Mrs. Millie Perry age 80 years Resident about 4 1/2 mile from Washington N.C. well known to be reputable and entitle to credit who being duly sworn according to law declares as follows

I was Born & Raised in Beaufort Co N.C. upon Mr. Brad Perrys Plantation. I belong to Mrs Polly Latham who married Mr. Gorden Williams who Died & she Remarried to Mr. Brad Perry of this County aforesaid. I am well & personally acquainted with Rosetta Crandall who use to belong to belong to Mr. Brad Perry. I knew her before she was grown We both belong to Brad Perry. Also I was well acquainted with Ephriam Crandall the decd soldire he belong to Mr. Kit or Christopher Crandall whos plantation was within three miles of our owners plantation. I knew Ephriam Crandall when he was a Boy about ten years old I Remember Well on or about 15 or 16 years before the Late war that Ephriam Crandall use to come to our owners plantation to see the claimant Rosetta Crandall and on or about 1844 Ephriam Crandall married Rosetta by Rev. Abram Allen a colored preacher by the consent of our owners I was present when they was married & I heard the ceremony Read to them and they was Recognized by theire owners & all who knew them as man & wife and they cohabited as man & wife they was not married before I knew them both before they was married. They was young people when they was married Our owners give a supper when Rosetta & Ephraim Crandall got married & by said marriage & cohabitation the following name children was Born to wit. Cicero & Bettie & Simon King I was present when each one of these children was Born I do not Remember the Direct Date of said children ages, but I know that our owners had said children ages Recorded in theire family Record, and Ephiram Crandall Recognized theire children as his children and the claimant his wife and I knew if by Reason of I was present when they married. Also was present when these children was Born and nursed the children. On or about 1858 some where there about Christopher Crandall sold Ephriam Crandall to [illegible] speculators & one Edmon Moore of Jamesville Bought Ephriam Crandall & carried him to Jamesville N.C. this was after the Birth of the aforesaid children. Ephriam Crandall continued his Relation with Rosetta Crandall the claimant. And I learn that while Ephriam Crandall taken up with a woman by nam of Dolly Powers while at Jamesville, Martin Co, N.C. And I learn he had children by Dolly Powers but this claimant is the soldrie first wife and the claimant is not Remarried since the Death of Ephriam Crandall on or about 1862 or 1863 Ephriam Crandall Ran away & went to Newbern N.C. and enlisted as a soldire and he died while in the U.S. Army. The claimant is total unable to work and is living a widow she has not Remarried I see her evry Day. She is lost sight of left Eye and she is afflicted in the left arm she is a virtus woman of good habits and is upon the hands of charity. her children is still living and the claimant Requires a nurse at times. she is truly the wife of Ephriam Crandal I saw them married by Rev Abram Allen decd also nursed the soldire children & was present when they was Born I knew that neither of them was not married before. I am the woman that nurse my owners children Alos my owners servants children which was Rosetta Crandall. I make this affidavid on my own free act & Deed I am no Relation to her & I have no intrest in the claim My Po Washington N.C. And I further certify that the above statement was written by W H Pender in my presence only from an oral statement made to him on this 13th day of Jan. 1894 & in making the above I was not aided or promped by any written or printed statement and not attached as an exhibit to this testimony. I see the claimant Daily she is in a Destitute condition

Chas E Harding
W. J. Dail

Millie Perry
<her X mark>

Sworn & subscribed to before me this 13th day of Jan'y 1894 and I further certify that the affiant is well known to me and is worthy & respectable and in every respect [illegible] to credit.

E S Simmons
U.S. Comr