Affidavit of Mary L. Wharton, Circa 1894

In the matter of the claim of Rosetta Crandall, widow of Ephraim Crandal late of private in Co B 35th Reg't U.S.I.

Personally appeared before me this Mary L. Wharton wife of Col R. W. Wharton who being duly sworn deposed and says,

I am 54 years of age my P.O. address is Washington, N.C. I am the daughter of David B. Perry, who died in 1866, and his wife Mary Perry who died in 1865. I was married to Col R. W. Wharton in 1865. We then went to live, at our present home—Rosedale—near Washington, N.C. which was formerly the home and farm owned by my father. Rosetta Crandal was a slave of my father's and has continuously lived on the farm (for a good many years in my service) since the close of the late war. In fact she never did, during, nor since the war leave the plantation. I am not old enough to remember the circumstances of Rosetta's marriage to Ephraim, her husband tho' I have always understood and been told by my family that they were duly married according to the manner and custom of slaves with the consent of their masters. I have heard that her husband Ephraim died of small pox in New Bern N.C. while in the service of the U.S. Rosetta has remained unmarried up to the present time. She is dependent mainly upon my husband for support. She is old and unfit, and physically unable to do much work. I find in the record of births kept by my father the following entries:

Cicero born 23rd Aug. 1845
Bettie born 14th Sept. 1847
Simon born 19th Aug. 1852
King born 20th Sept. 1855

These are the children of Rosetta and Ephraim. The youngest still lives at Rosedale and works with my husband but has a large family dependent upon him.

This affidavit is in my own hand writing.

Mary L. Wharton

Sworn and subscribed to before me this 26th day of January 1894 and I certify the affiant is well known to me to be reputable & worthy of Credit

E. S. Simmons
U.S. Commr