Exhibit F: Affidavit of Jerry Stewart, March 20, 1874

Exhibit "F.
Case of Grace DeLony

State of Tennessee | S.S.
Shelby County

No. 86407.

On this twentieth day March A.D. 1874, at Memphis of Shelby and State of Tennessee before me Daniel W. Atwood a Special Agent of the Pension Office personally appeared Jerry Steward who being by me duly sworn according to law declares that he was personally acquainted with Benton DeLony late Private of Company "A" 11th U.S.C. Troops, and who was killed in action at Fort Pillow April 12" 1864, that he—affiant—was a Sergeant in in the said "A" Company and was in the battle at Fort Pillow on the 12" of April 1864, and knows that the said Benton was in the said battle and was killed, that he saw him after he was dead; that he is also personally acquainted with Grace his wife and knows that she was his wife while the said Benton was a soldier, and so lived, and was so recognized by the said Benton and the command, and that she—Grace—has not re-married so far as he knows, but that she did live with one James Lee as his wife and has one child by him, that the said Grace told him when he was at her house that the said Lee was her husband, and he knows they so lived for about a year; that the said Grace introduced the said Lee to him as her husband at her house, that he has no recollection as to who was present at the time, and he further declares that he has no interest direct or indirect in the claim of Grace DeLony for a Pension and further saith not, he also declares that he knows nothing of any support furnished her by the said Lee.

Jarry Stewart

Witnessed by | Charles B. Mortimer

Sworn to and subscribed before me on this 20th day of March A.D. 1874, and I certify that the above affidavit was carefully read and explained by me to affiant before swearing and subscribing thereto.—

Daniel W. Atwood
Special Agent.