Exhibit E: Affidavit of Grace Deloni, February 28, 1874

CASE OF Grace DeLony, No. 86407

On this 28th day of February, 1874, at Memphis, County of Shelby State of Tennessee, before me Daniel W. Atwood a Special Agent of the Pension Office, personally appeared Grace DeLony, who being by me duly sworn according to law, declares that her age is     years, that he residents at in South Memphis near Carolina on Sixth Street County of Shelby, State of Tennessee, and that

she is the identical Grace DeLony who is in receipt of Pension Certificate number 86407, as the widow of Benton DeLony who was a Private in Company "A" 11" U.S.C.T. in the war of 1861, and who was missing in the battle at Fort Pillow Tennessee April 12" 1864; that she has never seen the said Benton since; that her said husband came from Alabama and that she knew him before the war of 1861; that he went by the name of Benj before the war, but when he enlisted he enlisted under the name of Benton; that she was the slave of Mr Lorenzo Guy, who lived in Franklin County Alabama near Tuscumbia before the war of 1861, that the said Benj alias Benton DeLony, belonged to a man by the name of Spranglin, who lived in the same County, and about five miles from her in the said Franklin County Alabama; that she was never married by once, and that was to the said Benton at Corinth Mississippi during the war, but she is not able to name the day, the month or year; that she was married to the said Benton by Captain Alexander a white man and officer of the said Regiment; that she had a certificate of her said marriage, but her said husband took it with him, and it was lost with him at the said Fort Pillow fight; that to her own personal knowledge, the said Benton was never married before he married her at Corinth Mississippi; that her said husband brought her from Alabama to Corinth when he joined the Army, and that she went with him from the time he took her from her owner in Alabama until he left her to go to Fort Pillow, and she therefore knows he never lived with or treated as his wife any other woman than she; that she never had any child or children by the said Benton, that the name of her husband was really Benton, and he generally went by the name of Benj as a nick-name; that she never saw or knew Odell Smith who was a witness in her claim until after she was married to her husband Benton; that when she married Benton he—Benton—to the best of her recollection and belief, was a soldier; that the said Odell Smith was a member of the same Company with her said husband, and she has not seen him for over two years, and has no idea where he is; that she never lived about or near Corinth, Mississippi before the war, nor did her said husband Benton ever live at or about Corinth before the war; that Louisa Still Anna Box, and Sarah Price who were witnesses in her claim have moved to some place down the Mississippi River, but she cant say where nor has she any idea; that she first knew the said Louisa, Ann, and Sarah last named, at Corinth Mississippi and while her said husband was a soldier; that she has no recollection of having seen Mary Graham until she saw her in Memphis, when she was filing her claim or making up the papers in the same for a Pension as the widow of said Benton; that Abraham Huggins was a member of the same Company with her husband, and the he was a witness in her claim; that she has not seen the said Huggins for a year or more and has no idea as to his whereabouts; that Odell Smith and Louisa Still were present when she was married to the said Benton; that she has never re-married since the death of her said husband, but remains to this day his widow; that she has never lived with any man as his wife or treated any man as her husband since the death of her said husband Benj alias Benton DeLony; that she has one child which was born about tow years ago, and that James Lee of this city is the father of the said child; that she never lived with him in her life; that he never gave her any support, but has given her since the birth of the child, a little something for its support; that she does not live with any man, but to be candid she will say that she does go at times further than perhaps she ought.

Gracy DeLony
<her X mark>

Witness | Calvin Reed

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 28" day of February A.D. 1874, and I certify that the above affidavit was carefully read and explained by me to affiant and witness before swearing and subscribing thereto

Daniel W. Atwood
Special Agent.