Exhibit B: Affidavit of Africa Bailey, February 19, 1874

CASE OF Grace DeLony, NO. 86407

On this 19th day of February, 1874, at Memphis, County of Shelby State of Tennessee, before me Daniel W. Atwood a Special Agent of the Pension Office, personally appeared Africa Bailey, who being by me duly sworn according to law, declares that his age is about 51 years, that he resides at nea in South Memphis, on Carolina County of Shelby, State of Tennessee, and that

he is personally well acquainted with Grace DeLony who lives in South Memphis near Georgia Street, and that to his knowledge the said Grace is a Pensioner as the widow of a deceased soldier; that he never knew the deceased soldier; that to his personal knowledge, the said Grace has not re-married since the death of the soldier, nor does she now live with any man as his wife at this time; that the said Grace did live for about a year in adultery with one James Lee of this city and had one child by him which is now about two years old, that she thus lived with the said Lee about the year 1869 or 1870; that at the time, the said James Lee lived with claimant, she belonged to the church of which he—affiant—is the pastor, and that in a church trial the said Grace owned to and made an open confession of her adultery, and promised to do so no longer, and he is satisfied that thus far she has kept her promise, that the said Lee made a confession of his adultery with the said Grace, and recognizes the child as his; that so far as he knows, and the thinks he would know if it was so, the said Grace has not lived in adultery with any other man than the said James Lee.

and he further declares that he has no interest, direct or indirect, in the claim of Grace DeLony for a Pension; and further saith not

Africa Bailey

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 19" day of February A.D. 1874

Daniel W. Atwood
Special Agent.