Exhibit A: Affidavit of James Lee, February 14, 1874

CASE OF Grace DeLony, NO. 86407

On this 14" day of February, 1874, at Memphis, County of Shelby State of Tennessee, before me Daniel W. Atwood a Special Agent of the Pension Office, personally appeared James Lee, who being by me duly sworn according to law, declares that his age is 41 years, that he resides at and on Fifth-Street in South Memphis near Carolina County of Shelby, State of Tennessee, and that

he is personally well acquainted with Grace DeLony who is the widow as he is informed of the late Benton DeLony of Company "A..11" U.S.C.I. that he staid in the same room with the said Grace for a little over a year, and during that time he bought the provisions & he did the cooking; that they had separate beds, but in the same room; that the said Grace has one child, and that he recognizes it as his, and that he gives the said Grace money now, and always has given her money to take care of the said child; that he never gave its mother any clothing or such like for herself in his life, nor does he live with her now; that she has never been married since he knew her; that he has known her for years, having first known her while he—affiant—was a soldier in Company F. 3" U.S.C.H Arty. and has know her ever since till this day and knows her to be a widow

and he further declares that he has no interest, direct or indirect, in the claim of Grace DeLony for a Pension; and further saith not

Witnessed by | Calvin Reed

James Lee
<his X mark>

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 14" day of February A.D. 1874 and I certify that the above affidavit was carefully read and explained by me to affiant before swearing and subscribing thereto,

Daniel W. Atwood
Special Agent.