Widow's Declaration for Army Pension by Grace De Lony, January 8, 1866

Widow’s Declaration for Army Pension.

STATE OF Tennessee | SS.
Shelby COUNTY.

On this 8 day of Jany 1866, before me, (1) G. P. Ware clerk, for the County and State above named, personally appeared Mrs. (3) Gracy De Long aged 30 years, who being duly sworn according to law, declares that her Post office address is (4) Memphis in the State of Tennessee and that she is the widow of (5) Benjamin De Long who was a (6) Private in Company (7) “A” commanded by Captain Booth in the (8) 11th Regiment of (9) U.S. Cold Volunteers, and who (10) was killed at Fort Pillow on or about the 12 day of April 1864, by reason of (11) a gun shot from the enemy

That she was married to the said (5) Benjamin De Long on the 10 day of November A.D. 1860, at Corinth, Miss by one Alexander a Minister of the Gospel; that her name before her said marriage was Gracy Guy; and she states that she believes there is no public records of her said marriage

that her husband the aforesaid [5] Benjamin De Long was killed on the day above mentioned, and she has continued a widow since that date, all of which will more fully appear by reference to the proofs hereto annexed.

She further states that at his death, her said husband, left surviving him no children

She also declares that she has not in any manner been engaged in or aided or abetted the rebellion in the United States, and that she is not now in receipt of a pension under any act of Congress.

She makes this delcaration for the purpose of obtaining the pension to which she may be entitled under the provisions of the act of Congress, approved July 14, 1862, and hereby constitutes and appoints TUCKER & SELLS of Washington, D. C., her attorneys, with power of substitution to prosecute her claim and procure a certificate; hereby authorizing and empowering her said attorneys to do all necessary and lawful acts and things whatsoever in the premises, except drawing the money, which will be hereafter provided for, and revoking and countermanding all former authority that may have been given for the above specified purpose.

[13] Gracy De Long
<her X mark>

G Moyers
ASM Allister

Sworn to, subscribed and acknowledged before me, the day and year first above written; and also, personally appeared Anna Box [and] Abraham Huggins persons whom I certify to be respectable and entitled to credit, who being duly sworn according to law, declare that they are personally acquainted with Mrs. Gracy De Long who has made and subscribed the foregoing declaration in their presence, and were acquainted with her and her husband before he entered the military service of the United States, and know they lived together as man and wife, and were so reputed and acknowledged by those who knew them. That she is the widow of the identical Benjamin De Long who performed the military service mentioned in said declaration, and has remained a widow since his death, and they believe that all the statements made by her in the foregoing declaration are true. That their knowledge of the identity of her husband with the soldier, and of their marriage, was derived from the fact that their husbands were in the same Company & engaged in the same fight at Fort Pillow

And they further state that they have no interest in the prosecution of this claim.

[14] Abraham Huggins
<his X mark>

Anna Box
<her X mark>

G Moyers

Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 8th day of Jany, 1866; and I hereby certify that I have no interest, direct or indirect, in the prosecution of this claim. and that this declaration was read over to the parties before signing it

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto signed my name and affixed my official seal.

G P Ware clerk
of the county court Shelby Co Tenn