McGee, Leroy

Ca. 1819 - ????

Leroy McGee was born in Sparta, Georgia around 1819. Before the war, he resided on a plantation in McNairy County, Tennessee, where he was likely held as an enslaved person. He attended the December 1858 wedding of Jacob and Harriet Manual at Gravel Hill in McNairy County.

Muster Rolls

October 18, 1863: Enlistment
November 18, 1863: Muster in, Pioneer Corps
November 27 to December 31, 1863: Present
January and February, 1864: Present
March and April, 1864: Present
May and June, 1864: Present
July and August, 1864: Present
November and December, 1864: Not stated
January and February, 1865: Present; assigned to 7th U.S.C.A. (Hy) S. O. No. 124, July 14/64, L. Thomas Adjt Gen. (Enrolled Nov 18/63 Memphis Tenn 3 yrs, M/in Nov. 27/63 Memphis Tenn)
March and April, 1865: Present
May and June, 1865: Present
July and August, 1865: Discharged for disability July 16/65
July 16, 1865: Discharged on surgeon's certificate of Disability.

Notes from Certificate of Disability for Discharge:

"I should think the said Leroy McGee was 50 years of age. He is old and infirm and good for nothing as a soldier, said disability existed prior to enlistment. The Surgeons name that passed him is unknown."

"Worthlessness from superannuation, and deformity of both arms arising from fracture of left and of dislocation of right elbow. He has also mucous rales and cavernous and rude respiration in the right lung with a slight amount in the left. All existed prior to last enlisting. Unfit for Veteran Reserve Corps. Degree of Disability: One Half."

Highest Rank Achieved:
Enlistment Date:
Discharge Date: