Addison, Sandy

Ca. 1839 - September 30, 1913

Sandy Addison was born in Sumter County, Alabama, sometime around the year 1839. He was likely an enslaved person before the war. He attended the pre-war wedding of Harrison and Martha Hodges in Tippah County, Mississippi. He lived a short time in Memphis, Tennessee, in the immediate postwar years but later relocated to Wrightsville, Arkansas, where he died on September 30, 1913.

Muster Rolls

June 20, 1863: Mustered In
June 20 to 30, 1863: Present
July and August, 1863: Present
September and October, 1863: Present
November and December, 1863: Present
January and February, 1864: Present
March and April, 1864: Present
March and April, 1864: Fort Pickering, Tenn.; Present
May and June, 1864: Not stated
to August 31, 1864: Not stated
September and October, 1864: Not stated; lost gun wiper
November and December, 1864: Present; lost gun wiper
January 5, 1865: Fort Pickering, Tenn.; "confined at hard labor until further orders absent without leave"
January and February, 1865: Present; lost gun wiper
March and April, 1865: Present
May and June, 1865: Present
July and August, 1865: Present; promoted to corpl. July 24/65.
September and October, 1865: Present; promoted to corpl July 24 '65
November and December, 1865: Present; promoted to corpl Aug. 30. '65
January 12, 1866: Mustered out; promoted to corpl August 30/65

Highest Rank Achieved:
Enlistment Date:
Discharge Date: