Parks, Rachel (née Buford)

Ca. 1845 - ????

Rachel Parks, née Rachel Buford, was born circa 1845 in Lafayette County, Mississippi. She was held in slavery by William Buford. She married Ransom Parks (also enslaved, by Samuel Parks) on June 8, 1859, in Oxford, Lafayette County, Mississippi. Ransom and Rachel lived just two and a half miles from each other prior to marriage. Together, the couple had two children: Marcellus Augusta Parks and Leanna Bell Parks. Both children passed sometime before November 1867. Sometime before Ransom's enlistment, the couple left Lafayette County and their enslavers. She remained by Ransoms' side, even traveling with him to Fort Pillow, Tennessee. On the day of the massacre, Rachel saw Ransom amidst the combat and "that while the said battle was going on she was placed on a flat and taken up and across the River, leaving the said Ransom behind."

In the postwar years, Rachel was a resident of Memphis. In March 1874, her place of residence is described as "in Central Point near City of Memphis and near Providence Chapel."