Lee, James

Ca. 1833 - ????

James Lee lived with and had a relationship with Grace Deloni, the widow of Benton Deloni of the 11th Regiment Infantry. Lee and Deloni had one child together around the year 1872 and they cohabited together for approximately a year, outside of wedlock. He was a resident of Memphis, Tennessee.

Muster Rolls

August 31, 1863: Muster In
September and October, 1863: Present
November and December, 1863: Present
January and February, 1864: Present
March and April, 1864: Present
May and June, 1864: Present
July and August, 1864: Present
September and October, 1864: Present
November and December, 1864: Present
January and February, 1865: Present
March and April, 1865: Present
May and June, 1865: Present
July and August, 1865: Present
September and October, 1865: Present
November and December, 1865: Present
January and February, 1866: Present

October 1863 to March 1866: Served as company cook for periods of time on and off

Highest Rank Achieved:
Enlistment Date:
Discharge Date: