Hogan, Frank

Ca. 1845 - ????

Frank Hogan was born around 1845 in Franklin, Alabama. At the time of his enlistment, he was by occupation a servant. During the Fort Pillow Massacre on April 12, 1864, Hogan was taken prisoner by Confederate forces. He later managed an escape, returned to his regiment, and served the United States until his regiment was mustered out of the service in January 1866.

In August 1867, he was a resident of Memphis, Tennessee.

Muster Rolls

July 1, 1863: Enlisted at Corinth, Mississippi
July 10, 1863: Mustered in
July and August, 1863: Present
September and October, 1863: Present
November and December, 1863: Present
January and February, 1864: Present
March and April, 1864: Present; Promoted to Corporal April 1-1864 vice James Doves Deserted
March and April, 1864: Fort Pickering, Tenn.; present
May and June, 1864: Not stated
to August 31, 1864: Not stated
September and October, 1864: Not stated; lost gun wiper
November and December, 1864: Present; lost gun wiper
January and February, 1865: Present; promoted Sergt. from Corpl. Jany 16/65. Lost gun wiper.
March and April, 1865: Present
May and June, 1865: Present; acting 1st Sergt.
July and August, 1865: Present 
September and October, 1865: Present; reduced to the ranks from 1st Sergt. Sept. 28 '65 S. O. No 171 Hd qurs. R. 11th U.S.C.I
November and December, 1865: Present; reduced to ranks from 1st Sergt. Sept. 28, 1865 Spl. order No 171 Hd qrs 11 U.S.C.I. promoted to Sergt. Dec. 5 '65 Sp'l order No 184 Hd qrs. 11 U.S.C. Infty
January 12, 1866: Muster Out; joined as a recruit Reduced to the ranks form 1st Sergt. Sept. 28/65 Sp'l order No 171. Hd qrs. 11th U.S.C.I. promoted to Sergt. Spl. O. No 184. 5th Dec/65 (over) Due U.S. for Ordnance 22 cts. Due US. for C. and G. E. $1.60 cts

Highest Rank Achieved:
Enlistment Date:
Discharge Date: