Crandell, Christopher "Kit"

November 8, 1793 - May 5, 1882

Christopher “Kit” Crandell, born on November 8, 1793, was a resident of Tranters Creek in Beaufort County, North Carolina. He was a veteran of the War of 1812. In 1850, Crandell, then a farmer, enslaved twenty people who ranged in age from nine months to fifty-two years. His real estate holdings that year were valued at $1,500. In 1860, he held in slavery twenty-four people, ranging in age from two to sixty. That same year, his total estimated wealth was $29,000, $8,000 in real and $21,000 in personal.

In October 1841, an enslaved man named Fed left the Crandell plantation. It was suspected that Fed went to his wife, who was then enslaved by Bradley Perry. See the advertisement published in the 17 November 1841 issue of the North State Whig.