Atwood, Daniel Webster

December 18, 1843 - April 1, 1888

Daniel W. Atwood was born enslaved December 18, 1843, in Wilcox County, Alabama. His father was also his enslaver, a man by the name of Henry S. Atwood. In October 1864, Atwood joined the 100th U.S.C.T. He attained the rank of sergeant major and was mustered out in September 1865. Following the war, he was a public school teacher until 1872 when he accepted a position as a clerk with the Pension Bureau. He remained in this position, working his way up to special agent (special examiner), until ill health forced his retirement around September 1886. On April 1, 1888, he died from consumption in Zanesville, Ohio.

Highest Rank Achieved:
Sergeant Major
Enlistment Date:
Discharge Date: